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Friends of The House - Tony Seigh & Holy Moly Mischief

Friends of The House

Name: Tony Seigh 

Instagram: @holymolymischief   


When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them?:

I usually like to tell people that I make stickers for a living. Although I think what I do is bigger than that, it sounds funny to tell a stranger that "I make people feel good for a living on the internet". I like saying I make stickers though because stickers are such an accessible form of art. It's a couple bucks and you can have the most far-out thing on there. They're art for the everyman. They're fun and playful and easy to give away. They aren't something you grip onto like some possessions, but something you give and receive freely. I also love that a sticker placed perfectly can really enhance your life. It can be on a water bottle or on your bathroom mirror or on the back of your car and can make you smile. A person might never own their dream home, but they can slap a sticker on their current situation and brighten it up. I also like to tell people I make stickers because it feels like such a hilarious triumph. When I was in high school, I told my guidance counselor that I wanted to be a poet, but there weren't lots of colleges offering a Poetry major to study and I could tell they thought I was wasting my academic talent. I've never been much of a rule follower, I think that's why Mischief is in the title of my account. To show the same people that thought being a poet for a living was too silly, I love to show that I make stickers and provide for my family. Thats the magical intersection, when you can do something you genuinely love and still put food on the table. 


When did you start & what motivated you to take the leap into getting started?

I started my page in November 2018. I became obsessed with buying little Grateful Dead-themed stickers and I decided to give it a go myself. I kept thinking of Dead-inspired designs and just couldn't stop. I've made over 250 sticker designs now and have branched out into clothing, collectibles, and am even starting to host live events. As far as a business, I thought it would be really cool to start a small business that could replace my wife's income so she could be a stay at home mom. We started the page shortly after we found out she was pregnant with our first daughter.


What has been the highlight of your journey so far?:

A huge highlight for me has been meeting everyone. We really blossomed as a page during the COVID lockdowns when no concerts were going on. So to see the response we've gotten on Shakedown Street at the shows from 2019 compared to doing the entire tour in 2021 was shocking to say the least. At this point, we really aren't even trying to just post cool designs, but be a hub for community and friends. We often are showcasing new artists, linking folks up from across the country, and just having a really good time doing it all. We also have been able to plant almost 15,000 trees through our nature-themed designs with the National Forest Foundation. 


Who are your inspirations?:

A huge inspiration for me was Owsley Stanley aka Bear. He is the innovator of the modern sound systems used by live music acts across the country. He handled live sound for the Grateful Dead and also recorded their early shows, which has become a huge part of the community. He also was an infamous chemist of LSD. I first got turned on to Bear through a long run of doing the Carnivore diet and haven't looked back. He's a truly fascinating cat that inspired me most at the beginning of this journey. Right along with that, Bob Weir is a huge inspiration to me. He has been playing with some form of the Grateful Dead since he was 16 years old and is still going strong in his 70s. One of my favorite moments this year was meeting his wife and daughter and just was blown away that his college-aged daughter wanted to spend her spring break on tour with her Dad. If I can succeed as both an creative person and a family man, like Bob, I would consider my life a major success.


What are you currently obsessed with?:

I'm very obsessive, which is one reason why the Grateful Dead is great to me. There are over 2000 improvised concerts that were recorded and can be listened to. I have my own little spreadsheet and take notes on which I've listened to and what I enjoyed about them. . I get lost down the rabbit hole a lot. Like if my mind gets set on something, I have to see it through. Like previous I've had obsessions with Teddy Roosevelt (where I read over 30,000 pages of books about him), the moon landing conspiracy, Charles Manson & the CIA, and WWF Pro Wrestling in the year 1997. I even wrote a whole little poetry book on that 1997 WWF Raw stuff. Currently I'm obsessed with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. I have seen him 30 times in concert in the past year and am planning to see him another 20 times this summer. Every night I'm surprised at my desire and how I still can't wait to get into the show and see him play another 3 hours of live music. There's truly nothing like it. I get to turn everything off and just get lost in the music and dance.


What are you most excited about right now?:

I have a brand new baby. She's 3 months old right now. Even though I have a 2 year old, it's so easy to forget how precious and fascinating a brand newborn baby can be. She is seeing and experiencing everything for the very first time and every little thing just seems so present. I am very futuristic in my mind. Very goal oriented and moving forward. She really helps me get in the present moment and "be here now". I've always been a scatterbrain and a big dreamer, so my family are the anchors that keep my feet on the ground and active in the day to day so I don't just drift into outer space idea land all the time. 


What’s the next big thing coming up for you?

I'm gearing up for Summer Tour. I will be doing 20 concerts with Dead & Company across the country over the span of 35 days and also doing pop-up events on days off across the country and my first ever live event in Los Angeles. Getting all the planning and merchandise ready for such a big run is very exciting and I'm putting in long days with a smile trying to get it all on auto-pilot so once it starts, I can just dive in and enjoy! I'm also very excited because I will have an intern traveling with me across the country documenting everything and interviewing folks for a little TikTok/Reels show I call "Tour Time".


What is your long-term goal?:

I kinda mentioned it before, but I'd like for when my daughters are adults, they wanna spend all their freetime with me. That'd be a huge mark of success to me. As far as artistically or whatever, I'd love to just encourage like millions of people somehow. If it is through a podcast show or through a TikTok or whatever. But just to let people know that LOVE IS REAL and life can be beautiful. I think that would be wonderful. There is so much doom and gloom on social media, the news, and it has such a negative affect on our psyches. I want to lift people up to dream again and hope again. I don't know how I'm going to do that exactly, but I think I'll just be me and try my best to make it happen. As far as like artistic goals, I would love to have a fashion brand that is very very high quality and beautiful pieces that people enjoy. I would also like to host events where people come together and have a really good time. Like maybe I can help put together the next Woodstock or something. I also would love to go back overseas. I've been fortunate enough to travel to 15 or so different countries and I'd love to go back to India. It's funny to write down your long-term goals for an interview that strangers will read, but I'll dream out loud so that if I sound like a fool to you, maybe it'll make you dream bigger too. Let's make millions of people feel full of hope and believe in love again!


Where is the best place for people to engage with you & follow along your journey? 

@holymolymischief on Instagram and TikTok. for merch.




What’s your current theme song?

Wild Honey, by The Beach Boys


What movie do you watch over & over the most?

There are very few movies I've ever seen more than once, but a movie that I will always re-watch every few years is "The Science of Sleep" starring Gabriel Garcia Bernal. It's a dreamy film with lots of creativity and fabric. It explores the dream space and has a romantic bent.



Whatever you want to do, do it. Start today. Go for it. Don't wait for everyone to weigh in and give you their opinions, just try and keep trying. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and fail. I've failed at every venture I've tried so far and it's got me here. It reminds me of a quote from my favorite jazz musician Sun Ra, who said, "The possible has been tried and failed. Now it's time to try the impossible."